Project: Move 33 KVA Overlay

Location: Trencreek Newquay

Timescale: 6 Weeks

Client: May Gurney / Western Power

We had to re-route the existing 33kva overhead power lines, moving the cable under ground instead of over ground. Over a kilometre of cable was laid.

This was a high profile project with a tight deadline. The power had to be moved to fall in line with regulations at a new residential housing development in the area.

Project: Find a safe route for a new power supply down a precarious public footway

Location: Porthreath

Timescale: 1 Week

Client: Western Power Distribution

We were asked to find a safe route down a public footway, bridal path, so WPD could remove overhead electrical spans.

It was definitely a different experience but quite enjoyable. It did take time as could not be rushed!

Project: Install new power supply

Location: Truro

Timescale: 3 Days

Client: May Gurney

We were contracted to install a new HV LV power supply to a housing development in the area.

The main difficulty with this project was that the power had to go over a near vertical hill! showing we can cope will all circumstances, no matter how challenging.

Project: Upgrade Power Supply

Location: Liskard

Timescale: 2 Days

Client: Private

We were asked by a small Glass Blowing company in Liskard to upgrade their power supply.

Their existing supply wasn't able to power a new furnace they had purchased, so we upgraded them to a new 3 phase supply.